Friday, 5 September 2014

Word of the Week - September 5th

A new School year. A new School. A new Pre-School. A new School uniform. This week has been all about new things!

My youngest started at his new Pre-School on Wednesday. I was really worried that he wouldn't settle and would feel a bit lost without all of his friends and his big Sister, but he's really surprised me and settled in quickly. He's gone off happily both days, had a fun time and is already starting to make new friends, introducing himself to everyone with "nice to meet you." I'm so proud and brimming with joy at how well he's getting on.

We've also been buying the last bits of my eldest's School uniform this week, all ready for when she starts School on Monday! Another new thing!! She's very excited to go to School and has been looking forward to it for most of the Summer holiday. I hope Monday goes brilliantly for her and she enjoys herself :)

The Reading Residence


  1. I love the new things for back to school, I remember having new pencil cases and new shoes!
    Hope your little one's first day goes well

  2. Ahh that's so sweet that he say's 'nice to meet you'! #WotW

  3. Great word....hehehe
    Seems like you felt the same about your little one starting pre-school as I did about my eldest starting secondary school.....He sounds like a little charmer!
    Good luck to them both in this school year x

  4. I think my love of stationery comes from all of the new school years we endured. I hope Monday goes well and glad your little one has settled in so well. #WotW

  5. Yup, lots of new things for my kids too! Great word of the week :-)

  6. Oh, I love how he's introducing himself! Glad it's all going well for him, and good luck for your daughter, and you!, on Monday x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. I hope your little boy is still brimming with enthusiasm now he's a week in and that your daughter is enjoying her first week back. It's my daughter's first week back too and already she's managed to catch a flu virus!