Our Family

We are a little family of four living in the UK. My Husband and I (Shay) have been together for 8 years and married for just over 1. We welcomed our two tiny terrors into the world in 2009 and 2010; they are a noisy, puddle-jumping, dinosaur-loving pair.

I've always kept a diary of some kind, either online or by hand, but I began keeping a Parenting blog when we fell pregnant with our first terror. After our 2nd terror's difficult entry into the world 10 weeks premature I stopped blogging to concentrate on my family and my own health. Two-Tiny-Terrors was created in March 2014.

At Two-Tiny-Terrors I blog about all aspects of family and home life with two Pre-Schooler's. I share our favourite family recipes, fun kids crafts and activities, the adventure of growing our own and so much more!

I'm a PR Friendly blogger and my family and I are always happy to review products and events. You can find more information here along with further contact details.

More about us and our family
  • Us. 8 Years Ago - how my Husband and I first met, over 8 years ago
  • Me & You - a monthly photo project of my Husband and I

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