Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Little Moments

More often than not I've found that it's not the big days out, as you would imagine, that bring the biggest smiles to my face but the small day-to-day moments of lovely normality that have me grinning from ear to ear with nothing but love and pride in my heart. Don't get me wrong, the big days out are fantastic but I just love all the normal everyday moments that come with being able to care for my children full-time. There is the love that you have for your children that fills up each day and never goes away, it is unparallelled by anything else. And then there are the sudden rushes of love, stronger than anything you have ever felt in your lifetime that make your knees buckle a little and plants a smile on your face and in your heart so wide that nothing could chip it away. I've had rather a lot of those this week, along with so much pride at how my two are growing into individuals, full of love and achievements of their own, and each time it has come along in the most normal of circumstances.

After a few downpours, an enormous hailstorm that had us worried for the glass in our windows and a thunderstorm is was brilliant to have some sunshine back to remind us that it is Spring and Summer is beginning to show itself on the horizon. The kids and I went down to one of our local Supermarkets during the week and enjoyed a lovely walk home. The kids were rushing along together, having lots of fun exploring everything as a Brother and Sister should; checking out all the things we passed, stomping in the puddles left over from the rain, climbing up onto tree stumps, picking up pieces of blossom that had fallen from the trees in awe and collecting all manner of stones, sticks and leaves to show to me and to each other. They have their moments where they drive each other barmy, arguing over the smallest of things and winding each other up, but they are so close to each other, it's wonderful to see. They share the same blood but they also share a friendship and you can see the love they have for each other and the fun they have playing together; they are exactly as a Brother and Sister should be and so much closer than Aaron and I had ever wished they would be. It's day-to-day moments like this that make my heart swell for them, feeling like it could burst open with love and pride at any moment.

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