Monday, 31 March 2014

The Rediscovery of Forgotten Toys

We made our way round to my Parent's house on Sunday afternoon to discover my Dad emerging from their loft with a rather retro looking suitcase. The kids were intrigued, as was I.

Dad set it down in the living room and the kids scrabbled to get close and see what treasures lay inside; on opening the lid they found a whole host of action men and barbies that had belonged to my Brother and I when we were children ourselves!! The wave of nostalgia hit me full in the face and I couldn't help but join in playing with the kids..I think all of us adults did!

I love rediscovering old toys; they always bring back so many wonderful forgotten memories with them. I had no idea my Parents had kept so many things we used to love and care for and play with..their loft is like a treasure-trove of childhood memories. Needless to say, the kids spent an afternoon discovering action man, his enemies, his vehicles and dressing them, along with barbie, up in all their clothes and gear. They had a lot of fun and, I have to admit, I did too!


  1. How lovely, it looks they are having fun xx

    1. Thank you, they (and me) had a lot of fun :) x