Friday, 21 March 2014

Make Your Own : Hair Bows

Recently, Terror 1 has started to enjoy picking out pretty clips and ties to wear in her hair. I've been having a look around town and online to stock up on a few more bits and pieces for her but I couldn't really find what I was looking for...and when I did I found they were pretty expensive for a hair-band and a bit of ribbon! That's when I decided to create my own! Not only is it much cheaper, as it's made from bits and pieces that I had lying around the house, but it's much easier than I'd expected and each hair bow can be personalised. And the best bit? It will only take you 15-30 minutes to create!

To make your own you will need;
  • A hair-tie (a chunky one works the best)
  • Some assorted ribbons of your, or your little ones, choosing
  • Matching thread
  • A needle and some scissors

Cut one of your ribbons into two pieces of equal length. Secure both pieces to the hair-tie with a knot at the middle of each length of ribbon as shown above.

Taking your other piece of ribbon, form the bow which will act as the main feature on your hair bow. I find the above method gives me a perfect bow each time but the 'conventional' method would also work...whichever you find the easiest.
  1. Taking your length of ribbon create two loops with your fingers.
  2. Cross the loops over each other, creating an X.
  3. Taking the top loop, wrap it round and through the hole as if tying a knot.
  4. Pull the two loops tight until a bow is formed then adjust as necessary.

Position your bow onto the front of your hair-tie then secure everything with a needle and matching thread. Turn your hair bow back over then trim all of the ribbon ends.
Ta-dah, your DIY hair bow is complete and is ready to wear!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the ribbons you chose :-)

    1. Thank you :) They were some pretty ribbons I had left over from wrapping birthday presents x

  2. I will have to make some of these for my little girl when she is older and actually has some hair :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) Definintely give them a go, they're so easy to make and practically free! x