Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 9 : 15 Things That Make Me Happy #BEDAoutmumbered

I thought this would be an easy one, my family comes top of the list without question. That was until I read that it can't include family and friends and those obvious answers...

  1. Chocolate, in all shapes and forms.
  2. A good long soak in the bath after a rubbish day.
  3. Going for a run in the pouring rain.
  4. Listening to music and turning it up as loud as it'll go.
  5. Finding clothes that fit perfectly in the shops.
  6. BBQ's and fun with my little family.
  7. Sitting down with a good book.
  8. Date nights with my Husband (these need to happen more often!).
  9. Painting my nails pretty colours.
  10. Sunshine and warm Summer days.
  11. Early morning cuddles with my two cuties.
  12. Snuggling into fresh bedsheets.
  13. Fresh flowers at the dinner table.
  14. Watching thunderstorms.
  15. My blog and all the wonderful people I've met through it.


  1. Ah how I miss running in the rain! Nice list!

  2. Great list lovely! I don't think there's a single one I don't agree with you on. I def need more date nights with my hubby too xx