Friday, 8 August 2014

M is for...


The Summer Holiday's always bring fantastic trips out, lazy days in and fun with friends and family. If we're lucky there's quite a bit of sunshine and lots of fun to be had outside in it. But with two young children the week's off School also bring quite a bit more mischief and mayhem my way!

With a bit less than usual to fill their days up I'm often greeted by scenes of mayhem and destruction from their bedrooms. Toys, clothes and bedding strewn across their floors from all kinds of games...and it doesn't stop there! The Kitchen, the Garden, the Living Room...they're all filled up with toys and books, often abandoned on the floor. Even mine and my Husband's bedroom isn't safe as they rush in with an assortment of items far too early in the morning and dump them on top of us.

There's been rather a bit of mischief from them both too. Usually they play quite nicely together but when they're not getting on...they fight like cat and dog. "Leave each other alone" and "please play nicely together" are phrases I've been hearing myself say a lot more frequently over the Holiday's. I'm a bit fed up of hearing myself ;)

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