Sunday, 31 August 2014

Elias Superwipes, Review

Are your kids messy? My two are, very much so! Especially when it comes to meal and snack times. There are always tomato stains on t-shirts to be dealt with; blackcurrant spills on sofas and chocolate smears on trousers. So when I was asked to try out Elias Superwipes on my two mucky 'terrors' and their unsuspecting 'victims' I jumped at the chance...and I think my sofa jumped with me!

It wasn't long before my youngest provided a suitable challenge for the Superwipes. This time it was chilli con carne sauce on his jumper. The wipes were incredibly easy to use; I removed the excess chilli with a cloth and then scrubbed the jumper in a circular motion over the stained area for a few minutes. The mark began to disappear before my eyes and after leaving his jumper to dry for half-an-hour it was almost impossible to spot the chilli stain at all!

I was very impressed with Elias Superwipes, they did exactly what they said on the tin, or the packet in this case, and provided first aid removal of food and drink stains on fabric and cloth brilliantly. The wipes work best if they're used as soon as the stain appears but I did try them out on a bolognese sauce stain that had been left for 24hrs and received good results too. The stain was definitely lessened and a quick wash in the machine would have eradicated it completely.

Elias Superwipes retail at £2.99 per pack and you can purchase from their website or find a stockist HERE.

Disclaimer : I was sent a sample of Elias Superwipes to try in return for an honest review. As usual, all thoughts, words and images are my own.


  1. We're forever having to deal with good stains on clothes - might have to give these a try :-)

    1. Definitely give them a try! They work brilliantly, especially if you catch the stain when it appears. I can see it saving many a white t-shirt from dreaded tomato stains x