Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dinosaur World Sensory Activity Box

My two terrors are dinosaur mad! They have a big tub of miniature dinosaurs that they play with together, pulling out one at a time and discussing it's name and what it looks like. There's no doubt they know more about dinosaurs than I do! When I was younger it was my Brother who was bitten by the 'dino bug' but my knowledge has improved greatly recently, what with all the "what's this dinosaur?" and "what does he like to eat?" questions. A couple of great sites for that, if you have dino-mad kids, are the Natural History Museum Dino Directory and ;)

The other week we stumbled across a couple of great dinosaur books at our local Library and revisited some that we had at home. I was inspired and set about creating a miniature dinosaur world for my two to play with! A great sensory activity box suitable for little ones all the way up to dino-mad pre-schoolers.

I used an old roasting tin and added scrunched up paper, card and tissue paper and some grass, leaves and flowers from outside to create the woodland area of our sensory box. To make the seaside I added some rice crispies (cous cous or rice would work well too) into a smaller box then placed some small stones from the garden. Lastly I filled a small pot with water to act as the sea or a lake and placed the dinosaurs into their new world.

The kids loved it! The spent ages playing together and chatting about what their dinosaurs were doing and why. They were imaginative and creative, making up games and stories as they went and loved exploring all the things in the tin..especially the 'sea.' Their Pterodactyl's flew over their miniature world while the Plesiosaurus enjoyed the water and Stegosaurus stomped through the woodland, eating all the flowers he came across and fighting off the terrifying T-Rex. Great fun!

Do your children love dinosaurs? How about making your own miniature dinosaur world?