Saturday, 31 May 2014

Personalised Map Frame

My Husband and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary at the beginning of April and I wanted to mark our first year together as Mr & Mrs with something a little special. I wanted it to be handmade and personal, something that only we would 'get' without explanation.

I found a nice frame and began putting together two personalised map hearts. I printed off two sections of map; the first was where we had our first date and became a couple and the second was where we got married. Using a cookie cutter as a guide I cut them into hearts and mounted them onto blue card. To make the hearts stand out from the frame I used sticky foam pads (available from any craft shop) and placed them carefully onto the picture.

To finish our personalised gift I added the beginning line of the chorus from our 1st dance song using double sided tape. I was rather pleased with the result, and I think my Husband was too. It has pride of place opposite our bed in our room and is one of the first things I see each morning...excluding the Pre-Schooler's that sneak in that is!

Have you made a handmade gift for someone recently? I'd love to see it!


  1. That's so lovely & thoughtful. I made a similar one for my now hubby for one of our dating anniversary's just with 6 mini hearts with maps and all special destinations! Homemade pressies are the best! :)

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  2. Hey, lovely idea! I made a personalised present for St. Valentine's a photo album for my partner, if you fancy a look: xx

    1. Thank you. Oo, it sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing, I'll pop over and have a look :) x

  3. Fab idea!! it looks really professional too! good job hun xxx