Friday, 2 May 2014

Making It Personal, Part 2

This week I decorated my youngest's bedroom. I'm halfway through overhauling his room and have just finished re-painting it from a dull and mucky magnolia to a bright and fresh pale green. It looks great! I can't wait to buy all the new furnishings and decorations for him and his little space.

My Daughter's room is next on the list; I'm trying to re-paint the entire house by the Summer & re-decorate with new or revamped furnishings by the end of the year! We bought a couple of tester pots and tried them out in her bedroom at the weekend and she has chosen a very pale, pastel lilac called Violet White (by Dulux, if you're interested) as her favourite. After painting, I'm thinking along the lines of the following for furnishings and decorations in her room...

What do you think? She loves her pinks and purples but she isn't much of a girly-girl so I think incorporating geometric shapes will keep the colours she likes without it becoming 'over-the-top.' As the whole room will be purple I think the pale and more neuatral furnishings will help level everything out too. Thinking of the long term, I can see the colours and style of the room lasting her for quite a while also..?

Follow our re-decorating adventures here!

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