Friday, 27 June 2014

A Dream Bathroom #greatbritishhome

I've been making a good start on the decorating over the last couple of weeks; we've painted the children's rooms and I'm trying to find the time to get the hallways, kitchen, living room & our bedroom painted too! The only room I haven't had to think about is the bathroom; it's covered from floor to ceiling in tiles and I love it but it has got me thinking - what would I do if I could decorate it however I wanted?

I took the Victoria Plumb quiz which described my style as Mrs Glamorous. I'm not sure I completely agree but I'll concede that I do like a 'modern trendy bathroom' as described :)

If I could, I'd love a big corner bath with plenty of space to stretch out. It'd be filled to the rim with warm water and plenty of bubbles, of course. I'd change the layout of the bathroom too and add a combination unit, with a sink, toilet and plenty of storage! It'd make a bit more room and would mean all the bottles of shampoo, bubble bath and the likes could be hidden away from view instead of lining the edges of the bath.

As for colours, I'd go for white with bright aqua blue accents. They're fresh, clean colours but also very calming and I think they always look good in a bathroom! I'd also upgrade the towels to some luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton; imagine stepping out of a big bubbly bath into a gorgeous bathroom and wrapped in a big soft fluffy towel! Perfect!

This is my entry for the Victoria Plumb #greatbritishhome 'dream bathroom' competition. Find out more and take part here!!

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