Monday, 2 June 2014

A Purple Haven for Terror 1

This Friday will mark exactly 1 year since we moved into our new home. We've done relatively little decoration since moving...until recently that is! I repainted our youngest's room at the end of April and with our eldest getting slightly upset that hers hadn't been painted yet, the half term saw me turning her room into a haven of purple!

We bought several tester pots and Terror 1 settled on this one, Dulux Violet White (Natural Hints), the instant we applied a swatch to the wall. I think she chose well! It's a lovely bright shade of purple without being overpowering, a really pretty pastel colour that looks lovely in her room.

The paint itself was great to use. It applied well and gave a good coverage; we only needed to apply 1 coat to cover the previous magnolia paint. The walls were touch dry within a couple of hours and completely dried approximately 4 hours after painting. We used the same paint, in Apple White, in Terror 2's room and I was equally impressed. His room needed 2 coats due to the lighter colour but it gave a good finish and is really bright and fresh.

Our eldest's room is all fresh paint at the moment and we're hoping to add some new furnishings in the near future. I'd to to incorporate geometric shapes into her room, keeping the girly colours she likes without it becoming a bit 'over the top.' The more neutral furnishings should help level everything out too, and thinking into the long-term, should last her quite a few years before we need to redecorate again.

Follow our redecorating adventures here! We're planning to have the whole house repainted by the Summer and the furnishings within the room's updated by the end of the year. It'll be quite a task!!

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