Monday, 30 June 2014

The Heart of Our Home #KitchenTales

Our Kitchen is most definitely the heart of our home and probably the busiest room in our house! It's the first room we go to when we enter our home, hanging our coats in the cupboard and putting our shoes on the shoe-rack.

It's a space that brings all four of us together in so many different ways and acts as a gateway to our little garden where fun and games take place along with lots of gardening, bug hunting and learning about how things grow.

It's also the place where my two get creative, and sometimes a bit messy, as they make all manner of fun things. There is lots of space to play and my two terrors can be often found going round the kitchen on their scooters when the weather isn't as nice or sitting at the under-counter fridge playing with the magnets.

It's a room where we bond over food. We cook together and eat together and share what's happened in our day. We have a giggle and enjoy our meal as a family and it's a very important space that brings us all together at the end of the day.

Along with all the fun, food and family time in our kitchen comes the not so fun task of cleaning up. Fairy Platinum all in one dishwasher tablets with liquid power are fantastic for this and are great at removing grease and tough stains using a powerful cleaning action. They leave dishes sparkling clean whilst also helping to remove and prevent the build-up of grease and limescale on your dishwasher parts - full review coming soon!

This post is an entry for the "My Kitchen Story" Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum.


  1. Oh my goodness how is your kitchen so clean ... enious!

  2. There is so much going on in your kitchen and very good things too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part