Saturday, 14 June 2014

Growing Our Own: June Update

We've been very grateful for all of the gorgeous, sunny weather we've had throughout May and into June. It's been warm and lovely, despite a few days of rain, and all of us have loved being able to get outside and enjoy the garden.

We're not the only ones that have been revelling in the warmer weather though...our little seeds seem to have enjoyed it too! After a couple of weeks of inaction, they have sprung to life and lots of miniature marigold and phlox seedlings have pushed their way up through the compost in their peat-pots. The sunflowers are doing well too and my little terrors are incredibly excited!!

Our assorted peppers are well established now. They are beginning to look as if they will be ready to come out of the green-house and into the big pot I have waiting for them in the garden by the end of the month.

The tomato plants that were living at my Mum's have now taken up residence in our garden and are thriving. They have a few flowers on them and are ready to be planted, they're just waiting for me to tidy up the borders a little.

I found a beautiful royal red buddleia for just a few pounds in my local Supermarket which is also awaiting the tidy up. I have a great spot for it and, along with our neighbour's purple buddleia that overlooks our garden, should attract lots more butterflies and bees into our little patch of green.

I've also been growing garlic from some leftover cloves which is going rather well (look out for a "how to" post in the near future!). They've shot up well and seem very happy on the windowsill in their little yoghurt pots.

Everything is growing nicely and we've been doing quite a bit of work on our garden recently too; I can't wait for Summer when it should be finished, full of beautiful flowers and looking lovely. Fingers crossed this gorgeous weather sticks around too!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. oh so wish I had a greenhouse! Your plants looks so good and ready to grow.

    1. Thank you :) We found a little one Morrison's, it isn't the biggest but is able to house all our little seeds & seedlings. Would love a bigger one so we could grow so much more!! x