Thursday, 10 July 2014

Creating Adventures with Barny #littleadventures

One of the most fantastic things about having two young children is watching them turn everything into an adventure. Even a trip to the shop or a walk around the local park can become an enormous adventure for them.

We have a rather long walk to Pre-School 3 mornings and afternoons a week and we try to turn the 30-40 minute journey into a fun adventure. My eldest and I did just that the other week on the way home from a fun morning at Pre-School. We explored all that we passed; pointing out squirrels, birds and bugs. We took the path less walked and stopped to do a spot of climbing and jumping from a big tree we came across on our travels.

As we walked, my eldest ran ahead to look at the plants and flowers that we were to pass, pointing out and identifying the ones we knew. She picked a couple of wild flowers to take back to her little Brother too (so sweet!) then marched on across the grass exploring all around her. No dandelion or daisy was safe from her eager hands!

After a long walk home and day made up of little adventures my eldest was excited to tuck into her Barny snack; a sponge-based bear shaped cake with a gooey filling inside. 

Barny is a sponge bear with a hidden centre that is available in four flavours - the original chocolate and milk flavours and two new flavours, strawberry and apple. Each bear is individually wrapped and a box contains 5 packs/bears. Barny has no artificial colours or preservatives and retails at £1.69 for a pack of 5 in all major Supermarkets.

We were sent 1 box of strawberry and 1 box of chocolate bears to try and my eldest kindly offered her expert cake tasting services :)

Her verdict? TASTY! She gobbled down one of the strawberry Barny bears and seemed to enjoy every mouthful. She said her favourite part was the gooey strawberry centre and she seemed especially taken with the friendly bear shape of the cake.

From a Parents perspective the slightly denser sponge bar made it easy for my little adventurer to hold and eat without it falling into a pile of crumbs. There was a good amount of filling inside both the strawberry and chocolate bears that we were sent and the pictures on the individual packets inspired more adventures in my little one - seeing Barny picking strawberries on one of the strawberry packets prompted her to ask if we could go and pick some strawberries ourselves some time.

Barny is a perfect treat after a day of adventures and the individually wrapped bars make a tasty and convenient snack for a picnic, refuelling little adventurers so they can carry on exploring.

Disclaimer : I was sent two packets of Barny sponge bears via the Mumsnet Bloggers Network/Review Panel. All photos, thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. LP loves those bears! Your Daughter looks so cute on her adventure! x

    1. Thank you :) I may have accidently eaten a few of them too ;) They are delicious! x