Wednesday, 30 July 2014

L is for...


My youngest 'terror', aged 3 years, 8 months and a bit. He is a chatterbox and a little ray of happiness. He is always full of smiles and giggles. He loves to run around and play football in the garden but loves sitting quietly with his cars and colouring books too. He has a love of the outdoors and is fascinated by bugs, animals, plants and flowers.

He is a lover of water and would happilly spend all day in the bath experimenting with how it moves and making bubble beards for himself. He is imaginative, loving and caring and likes to tell all around him how much he loves them. He is my little helper, eager to help out with household chores and join in with whatever anybody is doing. He is a bottomless pit at Dinner time, willing to try almost anything and often asking for second and third helpings.

He is my handsome, clever, talented, cheerful, giggly, music loving, garden playing, energetic and loving little boy. My 'bubble.'

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  1. Great photo, and he sounds a lovely little boy that you should be proud of :)

  2. He looks and sounds totally and utterly adorable! A real cutie!

  3. What a lovely photo and he sounds like a proper little chap! Love it. x

  4. awww such a lovely L! #alphabetphoto :-)

  5. What a good L! I'm smiling at the bubble beards. Very cute. #AlphabetPhoto

  6. Wonderful post and a great photo! Fabulous smile. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto