Wednesday, 23 July 2014

J is for...


It's happening. It's actually happening! We've bought the jumper and everything has become 'official.' My eldest is starting School this year *wipes a tear*

I am so excited for her...she's been talking about School constantly for the last month or two and after a couple of induction day trips she can barely wait for it to be September. She doesn't seem to have any fears about it and just wants to get in there, play, make friends and start learning :)

I'm a bit nervous for her though. She's a very outgoing little miss who will play with absolutely anyone and makes friends easily..but I worry that her best friends from Pre-School are going to a different School and that will shake her a bit. There are 6 children, including her, going to her Primary School that she knows from Pre-School; one of those is a good friend and the others she plays with occasionally so, fingers crossed, she'll feel like she has at least a few people she can go and play with. She's so chatty though, I'm sure she'll make lots of new friends. I'm just feeling a little scared and a little sad at this next chapter to her childhood. She's growing up too quickly!!

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  1. Awww she looks so cute! I am sure she will be just fine. At that age they will play with anyone, and make new friends so quickly! I hope she loves it! And that you are OK! Look forward to hearing all bout it :) x

    1. Thank you :) I'm sure she will be fine but I'm still so nervous lol. Looking forward to her starting school though, she's SO excited about it that she just can't wait!! x