Monday, 14 July 2014

The Sunflower Race, 2014!

A few months back my eldest terror planted some Sunflower seeds. With lots of care, watering and love from her and I they grew big and strong and too tall for the greenhouse. We picked out a spot at the bottom of the garden where they would have plenty of space to grow even bigger and last weekend we planted them. We chose a Sunflower each (my eldest got to chose 2 as she planted the seeds) and our Sunflower Race began!!

I have fond memories of sunflower races with my family during the summer months of my childhood. My little Brother and I used to water ours in the hope that they would grow bigger and win the 'race' and I'm so excited that my two little terrors are old enough to enjoy and join in with the first sunflower race of their own.

So, the line-up! Terror 2 has Sunflower 1, which started the race at 18.5" and a little sideways (I need to find some bamboo canes I think!) and Daddy is Sunflower 2 which started at 16.5". I was assigned Sunflower 3 by my eldest which started at 18" and Terror 1 chose Sunflowers 4 & 5 for herself which started the race at 19" & 18.5".

We'll be measuring our Sunflowers every weekend to see how they're growing and the person with the tallest Sunflower when it's at full flower wins!


  1. They are doing so well! We've planted a few sunflower seeds out this year, but none of them have grown!

    1. Thank you :) Oh no!! Sending some growing vibes your way x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) My two are having a great time racing them x