Friday, 11 April 2014

Discovering Our Local Library with Elmer

Despite the children and I being self-confessed bookworms, we had never visited our local Library together before. I remember visiting on a school trip once when I was around eight years old and I think that was the last time! I don't remember ever having taken the children..which is strange, considering their love for books.

That changed for the better yesterday morning when the kids and I took a leisurely walk in the sunshine to our local Library, signed ourselves up and joined in with an Elmer themed morning that was being held there to celebrate 25 years since the book was first published. We read the story together, as a large group, and joined in with some Elmer songs with actions. We even had the chance to meet Elmer himself and Amy went rushing straight up to give him cuddles and high-fives.

My youngest was feeling a little shy as there was a rather large group of children and parent's, so he sat with me, but still enjoyed joining in with the reading of the story and singing and he sat waving at Elmer when he made his guest appearance. My eldest is somewhat of an extrovert and she was in her element with all the other children. She even found a friend from Pre-School among the crow and the three children had lots of fun reading all of the other books together whilst his Mum and I had a chance to sit down and have a chat.

As we left the Library, the children were given an Elmer colouring in sheet to complete at home..something my two had a lot of fun doing and making as colourful as possible. We had a lot of fun at the Library and we will most definitely be returning fact, we are booked in for an Easter Craft session next Tuesday which should be a lot of fun. Amy's Pre-School friend will be there too, they're both very excited about it!

We didn't take any books home with us today but I am planning on taking the children to discover our local Library and it's books much more often within the coming weeks and months, so there will be plenty of opportunity to pop in, read a few books and perhaps take a couple of good ones home with us to enjoy some more. The children are rather excited and eager to join in with the Library's Summer Reading Challenge that begins in July too so there will be plenty of chances for us all to explore our Library further throughout the year.


  1. A nice library event. I use to be religious in attending library events like this before as I dont have friends and my son is an only child and I want him to interact with other kids. Now that he is in preschool I just suddenly attended less. I suddenly miss going when I saw this post =) #mbpw

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) We were exactly the same with the Children Centre; we used to go almost every week but when they started Pre-School we stopped. I hope you find your way back to the Library x