Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Making It Personal

We moved into our new home almost a year ago and, so far, haven't done any re-decorating..unless you count the garden, where we've done lots. I've decided to make a start in the smallest room, our youngest's bedroom, but I'm planning on re-painting the entire house by the Summer!

Over the weekend we took a trip around some local hardware stores and found some tester pots of colours we liked for the kids bedrooms and a giant tub of magnolia silk paint for general smartening up. Our eldest has chosen the colour for her room (a very pale lilac) and we purchased the pale green that our youngest chose for his bedroom. I started painting Monday morning while they were both having fun at Pre-School and managed to finish it on Tuesday when they were doing the same.

Furnishings from Ikea, wall stickers from Argos

It looks much better. So much brighter and neater and fresher. It's a really nice colour (apple white by Dulux if you're wondering) and works well in his little box room; giving him colour without making the room feel small and dark. He is very happy with it and loves the colour.

I'm hoping to completely redecorate the children's rooms with new furniture and furnishings (apart from their beds). I'm pretty excited about making our home more personal and they seem to be too. Keep an eye out for updates and before-and-after pictures!

The pictures don't do this colour's much fresher and brighter in person


  1. I love how a can of paint can freshen up a room. It looks great!

    1. Thanks very much :) He's very happy with it. Just need to buy the new furnishings and it'll be all perfect for him x