Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kids Crafts : Paint Your Own Flower

The terrors and I came across these sweet wooden flowers while visiting our local Wilko's a few months back. They were put in my 'big box of crafty bits' in the kitchen cupboard and somewhat forgotten about until we had a rummage through yesterday morning while looking for something to fill an hour or so. The kids were very excited to paint them the instant they spotted them and our morning craft was decided.

The dainty flowers cost around £2 each and are the perfect crafty way to fill 30-60 minutes on a rainy afternoon or a slow morning. They come with a mini paintbrush and a set of 4 paints; red, green, yellow and blue, to paint the flower with.

They sat, with faces of concentration and talk of "this is so fun" and "I love painting my flower, I'm making it really pretty," for around 40 minutes while they mixed colours together to see what they could make and enjoyed decorating their flowers in the colours they wanted. They were both rather pleased with the results and were proud to show them off to Daddy when he came home from work. The flowers are now beautifully displayed on their bedroom windowsills and I'm planning another trip into town to purchase lots more cute items from Wilko's arts and crafts range to replenish my ' big box of crafty bits.'

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