Friday, 18 April 2014

September, Please Go Away

We received an email on Wednesday confirming that our eldest has been offered a place at her 1st choice school. Fantastic news! But, as much as I know my eldest is going to love and thrive at school, I am so nervous of September coming around. She is such an outgoing, friendly, bubbly and clever little girl and I have no worries that she will have lots of fun and make friends easily..but I do have a few concerns over how big a change this will be for her.

She loves playing with other children and she will play with anybody who approaches her, which is fantastic, but she will be moving from a Pre-School of around 25 children to a much larger setting and I worry about how she will react. Will she loose her confidence a little? Or will she be thrilled at having so many more people to interact with and enjoy the company of?

She will be one of, if not the, eldest in her year when she turns 5 at the end of September. It will help her lots, as will her love of learning and knowledge that has lead her to become such a smarty-pants. She already knows all of her planets for goodness sake! I still struggle to remember them and I'm 26!

It is brilliant but very scary to see her growing up, especially as the months seem to be flying past so quickly. Who will she become as she grows? What will she excel in at school? What will she struggle with? I guess I will find out, in time.


  1. I wrote a post so similar to this yesterday, though it's scheduled for next week. We got that email, too, about my eldest. Like yours, she'll be an older child there, with a birthday at the start of October, and she's excited about going, but she still looks so small to me. I'm sure they were only just born, weren't they?!

    1. It does feel like it doesn't it, how on earth can they be almost 5?! It doesn't make any sense!! x