Friday, 25 April 2014

Kids Crafts : Bird Feeders

We've been encouraging the birds into our garden recently (have a look here). It worked brilliantly and we've had lots visit for a snack and a look around, much the children's delight, but the greedy little birds have eaten ALL of the fatballs we bought at the beginning of the month and we have nothing left to give them.

The kids and I decided to create our own bird feeders to keep our little visitors happy. All you need to create your own are some pipe-cleaners and some cheerios, or similar multigrain hoop cereal.

We tied a small loop in the end of each pipe-cleaner to stop the cereal from falling off, then started to add our hoops. Once we'd covered the pipe-cleaner we twisted the two ends of the pipe-cleaner together and shaped them into hoops and hearts. We linked our hoops together then added a piece of ribbon or string to hang them in the garden. Whilst I was doing this, the kids finished off the remaining cheerios ;)

We had a wander around our garden and chose the best spots to hang our feeders. The birds have been to have a look and are enjoying them already.


  1. Lovely, I must try this with my boys :-)

    1. I'm sure your boys will love it, fun to make and great to see the birds enjoying them too x

  2. Great idea :) These are fab x

  3. Love this! I used to love pipe cleaners when I was a kid, great for teaching them about nature too.

  4. Forget the birds, the twins would love this. Currently picking EVERY tiny thing off the floor to gobble up! But yes also the birds should enjoy this too! ;-) xx