Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Holiday Fun

Each time a half-term or a school holiday comes around I find myself wondering how I'm going to keep the children entertained throughout the weeks. I always worry that I haven't got enough things planned for them. and while I don't mind them getting bored (I reckon it's pretty good for them sometimes) there is a difference between that and being at home doing nothing much for three whole weeks.

The three of us are having a fun Easter Holiday so far and, despite my early worries, we've actually been quite busy and found lots of things to do, places to visit and things going on within our local community. We've had a few days at home too, enjoying a couple of lie-ins, some arts and crafts activities and lots and lots of playing in the garden. Last week we also enjoyed discovering our local Library where we were very lucky to meet Elmer!

We started the second week of the Easter holidays with a visit to our local Children's Centre, somewhere we haven't been since Liam was very small. I think he was only just learning to walk which would mean it was around two years ago! They both had lots of fun, especially when their cousins and my Sister-In-Law arrived to play.

My terrors tried out almost every activity on offer this morning, from cutting and sticking at the crafting table to preparing 'lunch' for two teddies in the home corner, exploring magnets with the pots and pans and playing at the water table. They enjoyed practising their balance and climbing skills in the garden and did lots of role-playing as Doctors and patients. My youngest's favourite activity, by far, seemed to be the 'hardware area' that had been set up with small hacksaws, hammers, nails, clamps and pieces of wood. He really enjoyed hammering the nails into the wood and trying to cut them with the saw.

We had a really good morning, the children had a lot of fun and we even discovered a great new park on our walk home where we stopped and played in the sun for a bit.

Tomorrow we are returning to the Library to meet up with one of the children's Pre-School friends and to join in with some Easter Crafts taking place there. I am hoping that it's not a chocolaty youngest is dairy intolerant and there are so many Easter activities we can't attend because it would be so unfair on him.

Later in the week we are going for some lunch and to do some shopping with my Mum (Granny) and the day after we're planning a picnic in the park with a friend and their children. On Good Friday, as Daddy is off work, we're hoping to get down to a place called Watergate Farm where they are holding a lambing event with a BBQ and several activities for the children. It should be a very fun week :)

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